Buying a Second Hand Pool Table Melbourne

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Different people have different hobbies but the love for pool table is rather a shared one.

Some would passionately play it as professionals; some might just be interested in playing it for fun or bonding with friend over a game of it, while some can just be satisfied by watching others play it.

Whatever it may be, having a pool table at your place is truly a blessing and a dream that many of us have. However, as good and happy the concept is, buying a new pool table melbourne might not be a suitable option for majority, and so we can always opt for second hand pool tables melbourne.

Hence, we have come up with a list of 6 things that you need to know before buying a pool table, because let’s face it; if one does not complete the screening process and look out for possible problems; one may regret the decision afterwards. Take a look and make sure to keep these pointers in mind before sealing a deal:

  1. The Negotiation Power: this point is the most important one and needs to be stressed upon. The rationale behind it is simple; when you want to buy pool table melbourne, you need to see how you can get the one that is best in condition but also affordable. For example, maybe someone who needs to relocate and can’t take the pool table with them would be a better option to deal and negotiate with.
  2. The Moving Cost: while finalizing a deal, make sure to have an estimated amount for moving, as it will affect your overall budget. Factors that determine the cost include the size and weight of the table, the distance, stairs and some other. Keep these in mind and see if the overall cost is still in your budget or not.
  3. Slate or not: now if you are a pool ball fan, you would know how significant it is to get a table that has a slate. Without a slate, a pool table is just like any other bunch of tools together that would benefit for just a short span of time! Also, when choosing it, make sure to verify if it’s a 3 piece slate table or one piece, the former one is preferable.
  4. Condition of the Cloth: while inspecting, do check the condition of the cloth. If the cloth is not in suitable condition, you would have to change it. The person or company who would be handling the moving can easily do the task for you but at an additional cost so keep that in mind.
  5. Check Out for Cushions: just like the cloth, you also need to check out for cushions, as if not in the right condition, it can double your cost and you certainly do not need that at this point in time.
  6. Accessories: well, if you are thinking of buying a pool table, you certainly know about the accessories that are needed but do make sure to check with the seller. Some of the basic accessories include the set of balls, pool cues and the triangular rack. Make sure you are clear on this with the seller.
Second Hand Pool Tables Melbourne