Types of Neck Pain

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A person’s neck is among the most delicate parts inside the body. One simple strain can lead to excruciating pain and sometimes paralysis.  According to researchers, 8 out of 10 people will experience neck pain Diamond Creek at least once in their lifetime. When asked from each person about the pain, every single one of them will possibly come up with a completely different story. That’s how complex a neck problem can get.

The injury can vary from weeks to months depending on the intensity of the impact the body has suffered from. If you’re suffering from neck pain without any accident, the pain may go away in a few days but if you have experienced a serious accident, then you’re in for long weeks of excruciating pain.

Osteopaths Greensborough have found out that there are more than 7 different types and causes of neck pain. Some are caused by strain or accident and some are caused by fatigue or restlessness. Below are a few prominent types of neck pain.

Muscle Spasm

If you’re waking up with a painful and stiff neck, you’re likely to be suffering from a muscle spasm. Tightening of the neck muscles and becoming almost impossible to turn around your neck are some of the effects of a muscle spasm. No matter how hard you try to turn your neck. You won’t be able to move it due to excruciating pain and muscle stiffness. According to Osteo Hurstbridge, there is no clear cause as to why a person suffers from muscle spasm.

Nerve Pain

You feel a pinching needle like sensation if you’re suffering from nerve pain. The pain might travel from neck to arm and sometimes a person’s hand. This one is a little tricky. You will feel like someone is constantly pinching your neck with a needle resulting in high level of pain and possible restlessness. 

Muscle Pain  

This one is one of the most common types of neck pains. It usually occurs in athletes and professional body builders. Muscle pain occurs due to prolonged stress or hours of physical activity. Your neck develops knots of trigger points that hurts when touched by a person. Your entire neck and back area becomes stiff and it becomes hard for you to move without suffering from jolts of pain. Muscle pain can sometimes go away after repeating the physical activity that caused the pain in the first place. 

Bone Pain  

A person might feel pain in his cervical vertebrae after suffering from strain or accident. Bone pain is among the most serious types of neck pains because it can be caused due to bone breakage. A person feels restless due to excruciating pain and might need an injection to lower the pain level. 

Possible Headaches

A neck related Headaches Diamond Creek usually starts from the back of the head and travels down to the neck with time. This type of pain is usually caused due to muscle spasm or tension. The neck feels stiff and tender making it almost impossible for a person to move his head.

Treatment options

Consult an osteopath Hurstbridge, Osteo Eltham, Osteopath Greensborough and Osteopath St Helena everyday.